Best Online TEFL Course: What you should be looking for

Everyone wants to choose the best online TEFL course when deciding on a course provider. To be honest there is no perfect course out there. There is everything  from huge course providers that offer everything from guaranteed jobs to free visa assistance, but leave you with a very impersonal feeling to courses that are outright scams promising you the training you deserve, but leaving you with a substandard rushed-together course that won’t be of any use to you when it comes time to teach.
The word “best” in best online TEFL course is very subjective. Everyone has different experiences that their decisions are based on and this creates different expectations for an online TEFL course.

Areas to look for when considering a a good TEFL eCourse.

One of the first things you need to look for are positive (genuine) reviews of the course. Things that make a review more genuine are whether there is a picture attached and do they use the full name of student. A good course would have no problems allowing you to contact previous students if they know the quality of their course is high. social media cloudYou can also look at any social media that the course provider is using. Social proof is a great way to gauge how good a company and program is, so check Facebook, Twitter and Google + for any clues as to how legitimate a company is or how highly they are regarded by their former students.

Student Connections

Another aspect of a really good TEFL course is its ability to connect students that are studying the same subjects. Do they provide forums for students to connect with each other and pose study related questions? One of the main causes of students dropping out of any online course, let alone an online TEFL course, is loneliness and a feeling of isolation when studying.

Contact with your Tutor

This brings me onto something that is even more important than above and that’s the contact you get with your tutor or trainer. Now, there are many TEFL eCourse providers that will provide you with a tutor who will give you comments on assignments and the like. Look for a course where the trainer or creator of the course is your trainer/tutor. A course like this will give you an advantage as you will have direct access to the trainer who created the course rather than someone who is just paid to give you tips and advice. It’s much like buying a book and getting direct access to the author, instead of taking advice from someone who has just read the book.
male-teacherYou should also look at the type of contact you get from your tufemale-teachertor or trainer. Is it just  emails and short notes on assignments or do you get face-to-face Skype type access where you can chat and ask pertinent questions? The latter is obviously much better. Don’t sign up for a course that has a faceless tutor!

Course Media

Also check how much of the course is video and what type of quality it is. Learning hd3online is great, but you obviously miss the face-to-face aspect. Video is the next best thing; much better than pages and pages of text and photos, so making sure your course is mainly HD video is a must.


With regard to accreditation, many online TEFL courses will trumpet their different accreditations, but be aware that there is no one accrediting body for TEFL, so an accreditation is more like quality control than an actual accreditation. None of the accreditations will be accepted everywhere in the world though.
To sum up, if you are looking for the best online TEFL certificate, there are a lot of good programs out there. Do your homework beforehand. Ask to speak to former students to get a feel for the company, course and trainer/tutor. In the end, the decision is in your hands, once you’ve got your online TEFL certification you can use it as a passport to the world!
May 2, 2015

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