• Grammar Refresher Course
    5( 1 REVIEWS )

    A great refresher course on the fundamentals of English Grammar. Everything from Word Classes, Sentence Elements to the tenses and conditionals. A perfect course for someone wanting to learn the basics or just refresh what they’ve already learned. Engaging videos and quizzes to give you the upper hand when it comes to knowledge of English grammar!

  • Online TEFL Platinum Teacher Training Course
    5( 1 REVIEWS )

    The Platinum Course allows you to access the full Gold Course online, then once completed, hone the skills you’ve learned in a real classroom environment in Thailand. Come and join me to put the finishing touches to your training and help the local kids improve their English skills!

  • Online TEFL Gold Teacher Training Course
    5( 2 REVIEWS )

    Includes everything in the Silver package while building on that with an introduction to many new areas such as classroom & board management, how to find work, how to teach reading, writing and listening and much more. You will also get face-to-face consultations with your instructor to ask questions and clarify topics. Included is access to free lesson plans, flashcard templates and more!

  • Silver cover
    5( 1 REVIEWS )

    Includes everything in the Bronze package while building on that with an introduction to important areas of grammar and phonology. Introduces a new teaching methodology to give you versatility in the classroom.

  • TEFL Teacher training ESL
    5( 1 REVIEWS )

    Ideal for getting a taste of ESL teaching. Introduces you to the basic concepts and theories related to teaching English. Gives you a step-by-step guide how to prepare and teach a flashcard lesson. By the end of the course, you will know how to put together and deliver a successful and engaging lesson.