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Pay It Forward

Help others to teach

Have you ever wanted to help someone,but couldn’t find the right way to do it? How about helping one person who in turn can then help thousands themselves? This exponential pattern can make a huge difference.

scholarship egrant pay it forwardThe Teejr Pay It Forward scholarship program was inspired by an article I read on Rosa’s Fresh Pizza in Philadelphia when a man kindly bought a slice of pizza for a homeless person to have at a later date .

Why can’t that same concept be applied to learning to become an ESL teacher?

I had just had a lovely student in my in-class TEFL called Tsering from Tibet. She had told me that someone was sponsoring her for the course as she couldn’t afford it herself.

Those two things suddenly just came together once I had read the article on Rosa’s Pizza. The original kind man that had paid it forward with a slice of pizza for a homeless person is now positively affecting education.

If you would like to help sponsor part of a deserving person’s ticket to a better job and a life teaching others, please click here. You can donate any amount from $1 up and once the course fee has been met, the deserving student will get to study and qualify for free, helping to give them a better life.

Just in case you are thinking why don’t I give the courses away for free if the people are so deserving. Unfortunately I can’t give away the courses as there is a lot of marking and face to face consultations which take a lot of time. I will discount the course fee for my part. I would like the most people to receive sponsorship as possible, but if I do that by giving them away for free I will be neglecting paying customers. I think the Pay It Forward scholarship program is a win -win for everyone.

So go ahead and Pay It Forward today!

Most of our sponsorship applicants come from Nepal, Tibet, India, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. You can read more about them here.

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