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Although a few schools in some parts of the world may require only that you be a native speaker, most institutions prefer to hire teachers with a 4-year college degree and some TEFL training. In an increasingly competitive environment, it’s an absolute necessity at some schools. In any case, having a CELTA or TEFL certificate on your resume will make the difference between you and another native English speaker, and can increase your chances of working at a better school and/or receiving a higher salary.

A TEFL (Teaching English as Foreign Language) qualification allows you to teach English all over the world – getting paid to travel…what more could you ask for?! Perhaps you’re thinking “but I have no teaching experience” No problem! If you can speak English, you can teach English!

Absolutely not! If you are over 18, you can take the course. We’ve found that a wide range of people are interested in becoming TEFL qualified 

It all depends on how much free-time to study you have and how diligent you are and also which course you take!  For our flagship 120-hour TEFL, two to three months is an adequate amount of time (though we give you six months to complete the course). However some people have managed to completed it in just two weeks. I’m guessing a lot of coffee and Red Bull was involved.

Nope. Our certificates are valid for life, but be aware that most employers want to see a recent certificate or teaching experience. If you do your certificate, then wait two years between that and applying for a TEFL job, you will be making it more difficult for yourself. 

None. If you are a native or near native speaker of English you can take the course. If you are a non-native speaker and worried your English isn’t good enough, contact us and we can help guide you.

A. There is no one single awarding body for TEFL. Most course providers provide their own accreditation or seek accrediting from accrediting bodies that are not TEFL-specific. Check out out accreditation page and video!

You don’t need anything, but a notebook and pen will come in handy for making notes while watching the video tutorials.

You automatically get awarded a digital certificate as soon as you graduate. You also get an professional, embossed hardcopy of your certificate sent to an address of your choosing within 28 days.

The short answer is no, though it will speed things along. However, everything you need to know grammar-wise is presented to you on the course in a simple, fun and engaging way using videos and animations. 

Once you’ve signed up for the Platinum package you will get 6 months to complete the full 120-hour online TEF course. Once finished, or even before, we will co-ordinate with you to accomplish our goal of having you teach 6 in-class practicums. You are flexible in the dates you can come, but you must arrive within 6 months of finishing the online component. All the cost involved for your teaching practices are inclusive, though any flight or accommodation costs will need to be borne by you.

Absolutely! Drop us a line through our contact page and we’ll put you in touch. We encourage you to find out about us from our graduates. We, obviously, don’t publish our alumni’s details on the site as we respect our students’ privacy. 

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