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Becoming an English as a second language (ESL) teacher is a goal for many people who are looking for a change in career, going on a gap year from university or just wanting to travel and make a difference in the world.  Getting your TEFL certificate online is a great way to manage the process of learning the skills you need to be a great English teacher. This will allow you learn all the techniques online at a pace suited to you while you get on with all the other things that happen in life. You don’t need to waste time traveling to class and all the associated things when it comes to going to a school or training center.

Course Considerations

There are a number of things to consider when choosing an online TEFL certificate.

In Depth Curriculum

One is that it has a comprehensive curriculum that covers all the key areas of English language teaching. Here is an example of one such curriculum.

Course Engagement

You also want to make sure (for your sake) that the course is engaging and fun. Nobody wants to sit through hours and hours of text based units as that is just soul destroying. The drop out rate for online course is quite high when the content isn’t fun and stimulating. Videos are extremely useful for getting across complex teaching ideas. They are also a great way for using animations to simplify complex grammar or phonology.Take a look at a couple of our teaser videos here and here.

Social Platform

Something else to keep in mind is what the community of the site you do your tefl certificate online with is like. Do they have forums for students to communicate and engage with each other, not to mention for contacting instructors for when students have relevant questions. Are student able to “friend” each other to discuss assignments and learning methodologies? Does the course incentivize learning with badges and certificates?  What is the overall social platform like?


Face-to-face feedback from instructors is also crucial to aid the learning process. Many online TEFL courses will assign a tutor to each student that signs up. However this tutor is usually working as a full time teacher themselves and often will limit themselves to very short comments on assignments and quizzes. They aren’t invested as much in the progress of a student as much as someone who actually has trained people for a living and is running the course themselves. Check whether the course you are interested in is one such course. At Teejr all our instructors are fully invested in our students and their learning goals and in certain courses face-to-face video feedback and consultations is part of the package.

Choice of Courses

When choosing a TEF certificate online, the choices of courses are crucial too. A course provider should have a variety of course levels to suit students needs, from someone who just wants to dabble in learning how to teach English to someone who is serious about changing their occupation and moving abroad to teach English.

So, if you are looking to get a TEFL certificate online, keep all these considerations in mind when choosing a course.

March 29, 2015

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