How to be an ESL teacher

Do you want to know how to be an ESL teacher?  A lot of native speakers don’t realize that as a fluent speaker of English, you have a lot of opportunities for work as an ESL teacher. Learning English as a second language is hugely popular globally for students as it is an entry to many areas for self improvement- jobs, education, social arena etc.  Because of this, the demand for ESL teachers is extremely high. Training to become a teacher of English is often thought to be difficult and time consuming. You often picture being stuck in a small, dingy classroom being lectured to for hours on end.

Taking your TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) training online is extremely convenient and allows you to learn the skills you need to be an ESL teacher.

A good TEFL course will start you off understanding teacher roles and teaching methodologies. After that is should take you on to the foundation of a good lesson. You should learn about setting context, eliciting and dialogue consistency. Warmers should be taught as the first part of every lesson. There should be units focusing on grammar, areas like word classes, sentence elements, tense and time, gerunds and infinitives and the like. There should be units focusing on classroom management which will give you confidence in front of your students. There should also be instruction on how to teach reading, writing and listening, not to mention board management, teacher language and ESL learning environments. A good curriculum such as here is something to consider when choosing your course. Learning how to teach someone English should be fun and inspiring.

When you have graduated, you then have your pick of many countries around the world to teach in. The world is your oyster and the options are almost limitless.

Once you have your certificate, it’s time to find a job and choose a place to work. Whichever certificate you decided to take make sure there is information on how to create your CV or resume and how to interview for a successful result.

Becoming an ESL teacher should be a fun and engaging journey. Why not start that journey today?

March 30, 2015

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