How to get an ESL teaching certification online?

With the plethora of ESL teaching certifications online these days, making a decision on which program to choose is never easy. You should be looking at a number of factors before you make your decision. The total number of hours, the curriculum, the trainer / tutor, accreditation, course presentation and what kind of interaction you get with the tutor are all areas to consider before signing up for an ESL teaching certification online, otherwise known as a online TEFL certificate.
Most employers will be looking for an ESL teaching certification that has a requirement of at least 100 hours, most want at least 120 hours. There are some certificates that go up to 150 or 180 hours, but these tend to be used as a sales technique as most people think the more the better. They just fluff out the hours of the course by adding content that is either not relevant or not very high quality.
curriculumbooks1You should always look at the curriculum of an online ESL teaching certification in detail as some courses will not cover areas that are crucial to help make a good teacher. Above is an example of a curriculum that covers all the main areas and builds the student up steadily with each stage building on the previous. A curriculum that jumps around and doesn’t cover key areas before they are needed will make a student’s learning experience much more difficult and frustrating.
The tutor/ trainer experience is also a vital part of a successful learning experience for an online ESL certification. Having an actual TEFL trainer as your tutor is much more preferable. If the person who wrote the course and has a vested interest in the course doing well, you’ll get much better advice and mentorship than a TEFL course that just hires a random teacher as a tutor. They won’t be as invested and their feedback won’t be as thorough as above.
Accreditation is something all future students will take into account when deciding on an ESL teaching certification online. What most students don’t realize is that there is no overriding body that accredits TEFL certificates for online course. If a course is accredited, it is usually through a separate business that acts more like a quality control than an actual accreditation as they don’t have any TEFL professionals on staff. You can read more about our accreditation policy here.
 The way an online TEFL course is presented is very much  a part of the learning experience a student receives. A text  heavy course will be very hard going for a student and  they won’t get the most out of the course. A course   that engages the students with video, quizzes, forums and  face-to-face video conferencing will be much more  beneficial than a course that requires a ton of reading.  Most students are visual learners, so a video will be a      better teaching tool than a five page document.
Before you sign up for an ESL teaching certification online, check to see what interaction you get with your tutor. If it’s short messages when you complete a unit or assignment, that’s not as beneficial as face-to-face Skype style interactions where there is two way conversation and questions and queries on topics can be easily resolved.
So, if you are deciding on an online ESL teaching certification keep the above areas in mind. One such certification that checks all the above boxes is Teejr’s Gold Teacher Training certification. 
April 22, 2015

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