How to Teach Someone English

Learn Key Skills for Teaching

Most native speakers of English have had to teach someone English at one time or another. Whether it’s to young family members or going abroad and teaching some basic vocabulary to some locals, everyone has been in this position one time or another.

How to teach someone English isn’t a natural skill for most. Having a student repeat words one after another will help them memorize the words, but they could do that on their own, right? Taking an online course can really clarify things and also give you a certificate that will allow you to take the skills you’ve learnt and travel the world.

English Teaching Techniques

Teaching English is made up of many techniques which all interrelate to one another to help build a learner from the foundation up. Setting a context is key and building language around that. Eliciting language, so you know as a teacher whether students who speak a different language from you are able to follow, is a critical skill. Being able to concept check key areas of language will let you know how much the students understand and how much they have been able to follow.

As you can see there are many areas to consider when teaching English. How to teach someone English is often a lot more complicated than people often realize. That’s not to say it’s very difficult, it’s just there is more to it than meets the eye.

Being able to take an online TEFL course that clarifies all the techniques, methods and vocabulary is extremely beneficial to understanding the basics of becoming a good English teacher. A good course should take you through all the basic concepts and methodologies of how to teach someone English while giving you the confidence and presence to be an excellent teacher.

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