Improving Your Teaching Style

Learning how to teach someone English is a skill that takes time. There is no one correct teaching style. Everyone has different personalities and has had different experiences that lead them to who they are and how they teach English. However, there are some things that any teacher can do and should think about while teaching. Dialing in your teaching style is one area to focus on when learning how to become an ESL teacher.
Cloud 4Firstly, rapport with the class and students. How approachable is the teacher to the students? Are the students responding i well to the teacher? Are they engaged?
If discipline is an issue, does the teacher convey the appropriate amount of authority through the use of their voice and body language? Classroom management is one area new teachers often struggle with in regards to their teaching style.
Another area to consider is how the teacher presents themselves to the students. A teacher shouldn’t get too close to and invade their personal space. A teacher should always maintain eye contact and appear enthusiastic and confident, even if on the inside they aren’t!
Attention to students is also important. A teacher should always be focused on their students and class and not be distracted by things outside the classroom. Teachers should monitor their students and be aware of any difficulties they are having.
project-your-voice-300x298Another area of teaching style that teachers should focus on is voice projection. As an ESL teacher you should be clearly enunciating your words. You shouldn’t speak too fast or too slowly as this sounds unnatural. Is the volume appropriate? Can students at the back hear? One common mistake new ESL teachers make is to move closer to a student if they can’t hear a response. One technique to get students to speak up is to actually move farther away and encourage a louder response by cupping your hand to your ear.
Try to focus on some of the areas above for you next (or first!) ESL lesson. Want to know more about how to teach English as a second language efficiently and effectively? Getting your TEFL certificate online lets you learn teaching skills that will allow you and your student to flourish in the classroom and at the same time improve your teaching style.
April 10, 2015

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