Is an online TEFL/ TESOL certification worth it?

is-it-worth-itThere are two schools or thought regarding TEFL/TESOL certificates and they both stem from different outlooks and a student’s future plans. Asking yourself if an online TEFL or TESOL certification is worth it is an important question to consider. All options will teach you how to be an ESL/EFL teacher and they all add value.
If you are planning on entering a lifelong career teaching English as a foreign language then doing an in-house CELTA course seems to be the recommended course of action. The Cambridge name lends a lot of credibility to the certificate. The downsides to doing this are, number one, the price. At over $2000 this certification is expensive. If you aren’t quite sure teaching ESL/EFL is for you that’s an expensive gamble as the certificate is so costly. Not to mention any associated living costs involved if you have to take the course far from your home. Number two, CELTA focuses you on only teaching adults, hence the name CELTA (Certificate for English Language Teaching to Adults). In my experience the majority of ESL jobs are for teaching young learners or adolescents, so you are at a slight disadvantage there.
Is teaching for youThe second school of thought is for people who just want to try out teaching English to see if it is for them.  An online TEFL or TESOL certification is worth it in this respect as the initial outlay is much less. How much does a TEFL certificate cost is a major consideration. Our courses are anywhere from $150-$299 for the online component, which offers fantastic value for money, and $999 for the blended learning and live teaching practices.
If you are considering whether to teach English abroad an online certification will allow you to manage to do it at a faster pace and much more efficiently as you are able to study to your own schedule at your own pace.
There are many schools and institutions that will accept a 120-hour certification. Be aware though there is no overriding body for TEFL & TESOL certification. Many certificates are accredited by a body that is more akin to quality control than an actual educational institution. Some courses are accredited in a roundabout way by themselves. Read more about Teejr’s accreditation policy here.
In conclusion if you are thinking about trying teaching because you would like something to do in your gap year or you want to travel to teach then an online TEFL or TESOL certification is worth it.  If you want to know how to move to Thailand, for example, and work as a teacher before finding other options an online certificate is valuable.
For more information on getting your TEFL certificate online and deciding which one is right for you, please have a look at our comparison guide or contact us for any questions you may have.
Whichever path you take, teaching ESL is a wonderful experience and a very fulfilling job to have that will allow you to travel the world and help people improve their lives at the same time.
April 20, 2015

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